New Feature: Facebook Page Block Plugin

by Alex Kent

New Feature: Facebook Page Block Plugin

Just released is a new block plugin for integrating your Facebook pages into SpaceNode. Here are some examples of it in use...

Read-on for a StarFields VIP post by Silvia Hartmann about this and other ways of integrating SpaceNode and Facebook...

SpaceNodes were always designed to integrate with Facebook, a little tricky as both softwares are under constant development, but we've always had the "bookmarklets" block to allow people - you and your visitors - to "send a page to Facebook" (and other social networking applications).

  • Quick tip - you can choose the name (default is "Bookmark with" when the title of the block is left blank) and say something more personal, such as, "Post This Article To:" or "Send this page to:" or "Share this page!" etc. to get more people doing that.

You can use these buttons or post the URL of your article directly to Facebook as soon as you've written it, and that's obviously something that should be done.

You can also use a Social RSS to post news from your SpaceNode directly to your Facebook page.

We also have a new block for Facebook integration with a number of different handy settings - choose Facebook in the blocks menu and have a play.

A quick word about Facebook "pages".

You should ideally have a facebook page for your website (goto any other page, for example and on the left hand side at the bottom there is a link called "create page."

You can make as many pages as you like, and once you have over 25 likers you can set a facebook name for the page to get an easy URL to deal with, for example when using the new Spacenode block or Facebook's own "like" buttons and news iframes.

It's an interesting development; Facebook wants to replace all email, all websites and take over the world (of course) but no matter how that plays out in the end, it's quite neat to have the SpaceNode to attract complete strangers, and Facebook to stay in touch with existing users/"friends".

Start by making a page and have a go at getting the block up on your SpaceNode; it's easy enough and gives you a foothold in an unfolding process that is going to go somewhere, eventually!


Happy noding and liking,

SFX :-)

Posted Jun 6, 2011 by Alex Kent