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First User Testing Completed with Claire Kenyon

First User Testing Completed with Claire Kenyon

SpaceNode completes it's first user testing with Claire Kenyon

Good news - Claire Kenyon user-tested her SpaceNode today and had the same sense of absolute joy that I've been getting from posting to

This surely must mean that SpaceNode will be massively popular.

Altogether, she found the website/article admin menus to be fairly intuitive. She found the 'Add Article' link straight away.

To my relief, the demonstration went really well. The permissions system worked flawlessly and each page loaded very quickly.

The constructive criticism received was:

  • She thought the articles admin page should have a link back to the article.
  • She would like an article preview, before it goes live.
  • She felt it a bit strange to add an article, then be directed back to the same page with more options such as adding the user and selecting group/category. This would make more sense to people if it was a one-button update process, or even direct the user to a different page so they know there is still more work to be done.
  • She didn't know you could leave the article code and date blank, and this would be auto-completed.

I also noted how she didn't have a clue about meta-descriptions, keywords, article codes, etc. Perhaps the system would be better of with an advanced mode, which makes these fields available.

It was really interesting just stepping back and letting the user play, mess around, add/delete things, update blocks, etc etc.

Claire is now talking about having a dedicated knitting site, and a few other concepts she would like to distinguish into different genres. SpaceNode sure makes it easy to create as many sites as the heart desires.

But the biggest success in my opinion, is to realise that the joy of owning a SpaceNode is not limited to just me and my quirky ways. It's a human thing, and that makes it very sellable indeed.

Posted Nov 3, 2009