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Software 5.0 Released...

Software 5.0 Released...

Quick recap, for my benefit as much as anyone elses!

Today, we've got a system where we can give people their own spacenodes and they can do everything they need to do for a basic setup:

  • Change Theme
  • Change Node Settings
  • Add Blocks
  • Add Pages/Folders with StaticPage module, Articles Database and Contact Form Module available to them.
  • They can view (only) their own article groups and articles, meaning the interface is nice and simplified.

I felt like writing a bit about what still needed to be done before we can give to other people. This is my todo list:

  • When creating new SpaceNodes, the member of staff should be asked who the owner of the spacenode will be. This should then be used for setting the permissions on default pages & blocks.
  • Default Pages for new SpaceNodes - we already create a homepage ('Welcome to SpaceNode') and should automatically create an admin page for them. We should make it so that they can't create new 'Admin Folders' or delete the one they've got.
  • Default Blocks for new SpaceNodes - a number of blocks are automatically created for the user, including module block, admin block and menu block. The user should be able to edit their own menu block and module block.

All these things are to simplify setting up a new SpaceNode and should only take a day or so. Then I'm going to officially release DragonCode 5.0 - SpaceNode edition and it'll be time to give them to knowledgeable others to play with!

Can't wait.

Posted Sep 29, 2009