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Software 5.1 Released

by Alex Kent

Software 5.1 Released

In September 2009 we released version 5.0 of the software which runs the SpaceNode Network and at the time, we had created a nice to use content management system which had a similar feature set to other DIY website providers.

Roll on 6 months and we are pleased to announce version 5.1 which turns SpaceNode into an absolute joy to use. By combining the new features with the latest themes by professional designers Silvia Hartmann and Nikki Burdett and you have one amazing content management system.

This 5.1 release marks the completion of phase 1 of the SpaceNode plan and we cannot wait to announce all the exciting features we have lined up for our lovely SpaceNode customers.

New features:

SpaceNode Management System:

  • Completely over-hauled the way that node owners manage their SpaceNode, to make it simpler to use whilst also giving a few more options
  • Your UserNode file storage area is more easy to use as it shares the same login password as does your SpaceNode

SpaceNode Community System:

  • Created an admin module where you can see a list of either your own SpaceNodes or a complete list of everyone's public SpaceNode. This is because we believe that as a community of website owners we can all learn from each other and by sharing information then we all benefit.

SpaceNode Themes:

  • There are now lots of different Themes you can choose for your SpaceNode thanks to designers Silvia Hartmann and Nikki Burdett.
  • SpaceNode now supports zebra-striped tables to give your site a professional look
  • Major overhaul to the CSS system so that Node Owners can add styles to their own content such as articles and pages. The advantage of using your Themes CSS styles is that the look and feel of your content updates whenever you change Theme

Image Uploaders:

  • Created a lovely way to upload your images without using FTP. We host your images for you, so you don't have to worry about them eating into your UserNode storage space
  • The image picker is available: User Admin Module (upload your photo), Article Module, Home Page, Pages, Folders and Theme Creator module

UserAdmin Module

  • Created an elegant way for users to change their details on your SpaceNode, including uploading their profile pics, updating their contact informations, changing passwords, etc. SpaceNode should be getting a full-user signup system in the 5.2 software update.

Articles Module:

  • New: Articles Categories Block
  • Improved: Category headers over-write the page title

SearchEngine3 Module:

  • The SpaceNode Network now has a dedicated SearchSpider which indexes our sites once-per-day
  • We also have implemented a fantastic search-engine technology called Sphinx which returns relevant search results
  • In the module settings you can control if you want search results returned from your current SpaceNode, all your SpaceNodes or the entire SpaceNode network. This middle option is great if you have more than one SpaceNode

SiteMap Module:

  • Displays a list of the all the pages on your SpaceNode
  • We had the idea that if we are going to send a SpaceNodeSpider to visit each of your pages once per day then we might as well make an easy-to-use module to list all it finds

Theme Creator Module:

  • New Premium Module. SpaceNode comes with themes ready to suit all tastes but if you fancy making your site look truly unique, or you would like to design Themes for other SpaceNode owners then this module is for you
  • Create unlimited numbers of new themes based on what we call 'Base Themes'
  • At this stage we only recommended this module for people with some existing design, HTML or CSS skills
  • We are working on a version of this software which allows people without any design experience to be able to create their own themes - watch this space

Advanced Statistics Module:

  • New Premium Module: Created a way for Node Owners to tap into the advanced statistics we record about your site and all the visitors coming to it

Redirect & Proxy SuckerFish Module:

  • New Premium Module: Created an inteligent proxy module so you can either redirect users somewhere else, or you can bring content from somewhere else to your current page or folder.
  • The proxy is intelligent enough to make well-formatted HTML files play nicely with your theme
  • For an example of this module in use visit the AMT's Forums

MagicMenu Block:

  • Upgraded: The MagicMenu Block now allows unlimited sub-items

SpaceNodes Block:

  • New: Display a list of SpaceNodes


More information on the SpaceNode 5.0 release

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