Change HomePage Welcome Message

Change HomePage Welcome Message

Video tutorial Video Tutorial and step-by-step guide to changing the homepage welcome message on a SpaceNode website...

When you get the keys to your new SpaceNode Website, you'll probably want to change the homepage message straight away so it doesn't say "Welcome to your new SpaceNode!"

Video Tutorial

Press the play button to begin playback

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Login (how to login)
  • Goto your homepage and click the 'Edit Page' icon Edit Page Icon next to the page headline
  • Change the 'Folder Body' text and click the 'Update Folder' button

You can also change the following other fields:

  • Folder Headline The page headline text
  • Meta Title The name of the page which appears in your browsers tab
  • Meta Description The description of your site that often appears in search engine listings. This is one of the most important fields to change (see how to promote your SpaceNode Website)
  • Meta Keywords A comma-separated list of keywords and mis-spellings to describe your site

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