Create A New Articles Module Folder

Create A New Articles Module Folder

Your SpaceNode comes setup in "Blog Format" meaning that on your home page there will be a list of article summaries which you click through to the article itself.

With a SpaceNode, you can have different types of Articles appear in different folders of your website. The Articles Module is highly customisable and can be used for display news, articles, blogs, products and events.

This step-by-step tutorial guides you through the process of setting up a new Articles Module Folder on your SpaceNode Website...

Note: If you just need to post an article to an existing Articles Module Folder see: Post An Article

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Make An Articles Group 
    1. In the "Admin Menu" click the "Articles" link
    2. In the "Module Menu" click the "Edit Groups" link
    3. On edit article groups dropdown, add the name of your site to make an articles group for your site.
    4. Click the "Update Groups" button
    5. Now you need to add a category by clicking on the 0 under categories (see Article Categories video tutorial)
    6. Update and close drop down menus.
  2. Make A Page For The Articles Group 
    1. In the "Admin Menu" click the "SpaceNode" link
    2. Choose the "Structure" tab
    3. Right click (command-click on mac) on the name of your spacenode
    4. From the dropdown menu choose "Add Folder"
    5. From the Module dropdown menu choose "Articles"
    6. Click the "Add Folder" button
    7. Choose the "Module Settings" tab
    8. Select your articles group
    9. Update configuration

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