Evolve Your Website Into A SpaceNode

Evolve Your Website Into A SpaceNode

Step-by-step guide to converting your old website or domain name to SpaceNode whilst keeping your website links and email accounts active and working...

Ready to move your existing website to SpaceNode? Great!

There must be hundreds of thousands of people online who would love all the features you get with a SpaceNode but have already setup a website somewhere else. Luckily, our software has been designed & developed to make the evolution of an old website into an easy-to-use gorgeous SpaceNode an easy step-by-step process.

Whether you want to start again with a fresh-website, or would like your SpaceNode to keep all your existing links live then we are sure we can help.

How To Evolve An Old Website or Domain Name

The steps for evolving your old website into a SpaceNode without taking it offline are as follows:

Step 1) Register a new SpaceNode and choose a temporary domain name

Step 2) Setup the new SpaceNode at your leisure whilst your old website continues to serve visitors

Step 3) Send SpaceNode Support an email to say that you've already got a domain name you would like to use. We'll setup your account so that when your domain name points to SpaceNode our web servers know what to do.

Step 4) Login to or contact your domain name/old website provider to change the DNS server settings of your domain name to point to our servers (this is much easier than it sounds!):




Step 5) In a couple of hours your real domain name will forward visitors onto the new SpaceNode to give the Internet a chance to update its records. Contact SpaceNode support and we'll make the SpaceNode live on your real domain.

Evolving a SpaceNode using this step-by-step guide will ensure that the switchover of your website is done without losing a single visitor.


When you move your website over to SpaceNode then you will need to also move any email addresses. With SpaceNode you can create forwarders and real-accounts so that any email addresses you want to keep will remain active.

The difference between a forwarder and a real email account are:

  • Forwarders give you an email address (eg: you@yourname.com) but then forward that email onto a real email accoun (eg: you445500@gyahoohotmail.com). These are cheaper than real email accounts and allow you to have disposable email addresses.
  • Real Email Accounts give you an email address (eg: you@yourname.com) that you can then access via webmail (mail.yourname.com), via your computer email software or mobile phones that support email. With SpaceNode you get 2GB of storage for storing emails, backing up files or for sending large attachments to people.

If you need to setup any email addresses, contact support.

Keeping Visitors and The Search Engines Happy

If you have a busy old site with lots going on then you'll probably want to make sure that the links on your new SpaceNode either work or forward onto a new location.

When we evolved some of our own websites to SpaceNode (https://goe.ac/, http://emotrance.com/, https://dragonrising.com/, etc) we made sure that the software automatically kept the search engines up to date so that we didn't loose any places in search engine rankings.

We did this by making sure a lot of the links didn't change and by keeping a lot of the structure the same. When we did have to move a page or a folder, we setup a forwarder in the old location so that users where redirected to the new location.

Key points:

  • Where possible it is best to keep page links the same so that other sites and search engines that link to your site will find what they are looking for.
  • If you need to move pages and folder around then can use the optional 'Redirect & Suckerfish' module for redirecting users from one place to another.
  • If your old website shows you statistics as to what the top pages are then you can make sure that these all work on your new SpaceNode.

The First Step...

Register A Temporary SpaceNode

SpaceNode Documentation