Display An RSS Feed In A Block

Display An RSS Feed In A Block

Step-by-step guide and video tutorial Video Tutorial by Nicola Quinn on how to setup an RSS Feed block on your SpaceNode. Also includes Information on how to do a link exchange with a like-minded website and why you would want to do so...

Video Tutorial

Nicola Quinn explains the process of adding an RSS Feed to a block on your SpaceNode:

Click the play button to begin playback

Step-by-Step Guide

Step One:

  1. Go to "Add Blocks"
  2. Plugin = choose "RSS Feed"
  3. Click = Add Block (bottom of the page)
  4. Now the Block Plugin Settings input box appears.

Step Two:

You now can configure the new block:

  • cache_minutes:¬† Select how many minutes to cache this block or enter 0 (zero) to calculate this block on every page load.¬†This is set to 60 minutes and I suggest to leave it that way. It helps your site load up faster if the cache is time is longer.
  • description_length: How many characters of each item description to display.¬†This is set to 98 and I suggest setting it to 0 to display only the headlines and save space. The maximum is 250 which can be used to make a whole page containing a detailed RSS feed if you wanted to do that at some point.¬†Example:¬†http://starfields.ws/NLP/
  • items_to_display: The number of items to display.¬†This is set to 10, I suggest an exchange in this case of 5 news items, so set it to 5.
  • rss_url: The url of the RSS feed.¬†In this case, enter¬†https://energyeft.com/?output=FEED All spacenodes have the same convention, it is always sitename/?output=FEED for their feed link. Try putting your site name into a browser window and adding¬†/?output=FEED to see the RSS feed of your own site.
  • show_feed_image: Some RSS news feeds include an image to represent the content provider. Use this option to Show or Hide this image.¬†For an RSS feed exchange such as this one, you don't need images (unless you want them).
  • show_item_image: Some RSS news items include an image via the MEDIA rss namespace. Use this option to Show or Hide these images.¬†I would set that to off in most cases.
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