Insert YouTube Video Into An Article

Insert YouTube Video Into An Article

Video tutorial Video Tutorial and step-by-step guide on inserting a YouTube video into an article.

Online Video Tutorial

To begin playback, click the play button

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Step 1) Goto and find the video you want to insert into an article
  • Step 2) Click the <embed> button:

Click the <embed> button

  • Step 3) Change the settings to your requirements and then copy the HTML from this box:

Change YouTube settings and copy the HTML

  • Step 4) Create a new article through the SpaceNode admin panel
  • Step 5) In the 'Text' field, click the HTML button on the editor:

Click HTML button in editor

  • Step 6) This will open up the HTML editor. At the point in the article where you want the YouTube video to display, paste the HTML given by youtube

Paste the HTML from YouTube into the HTML Editor

  • Step 7) Update the HTML window, save the Article, add it to an Article Group and then the YouTube video will be available for your SpaceNode visitors, eg:

Day of the Tentacle Intro Screen

Examples of YouTube Videos on SpaceNodes

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