Login to SpaceNode

Login to SpaceNode

Simple video Video Tutorial and step-by-step tutorial on how to login to your SpaceNode...

Video Tutorial:

Click the play-button to begin playback...

Step-by-Step Instructions:

The following information assumes you have kept your "Welcome to SpaceNode" email and thus know your username & password. If you need us to resend then please contact support.

1) On the top right corner of each SpaceNode is a link that says 'login'

2) Click this link and a box will pop-up to enter your username and password

3) Enter your username & password provided in your welcome email and click the OK button

4) If you have entered the correct username & password then the page will refresh and the login link changes to your registered email address. If you do not enter the correct username OR password then you will be asked to re-enter your details.

Note: Your username & password need to be entered exactly correct else you will not be able to login. This for examples means that small letters are different to BIG LETTERS


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