Post An Article

Post An Article

Video tutorial Video Tutorial and step-by-step guide on how-to post an Article on your SpaceNode website. The Articles Module is used to display all kinds of content including lists of articles, news, products, events and blog posts...

Online Video Tutorial

Click the play button to begin playback

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Ensure you are logged in (see How To Login)
  2. In the "Admin Menu" click the "Add Article" link
  3. Enter the "Title", "Summary" and "Text" then click "Add Article"
  4. When the page refreshes, scroll down to the "Article Groups & Categories" section and choose which Article Groups and Categories you wish you article to display in. You can select multiple groups and categories by holding down the "ctrl" key whilst left-clicking

This will post your article to your website.

The following article fields are optional:

  • Code Leave blank to auto-complete or manually over-ride. By changing the article code, you can customise what the URL (hyperlink) to the finished article will be.
  • Date Posted Leave blank to insert todays date and time, else you can put a date in the future if you do not wish your article to be displayed yet. Dates are entered backwards, eg: 2010-05-21 12:34:56
  • Image URL A full URL to the thumbnail image associated with this article. To upload an image click the "Insert Image" icon Insert Image Icon
  • Further Info Url A full URL to further information about the articles subject. If no Article Text is given then the user will be redirected to this link from the article listings
  • Meta Keywords A comma separated list of keywords and misspellings
  • Meta Description The short keyword rich summary of your article that search engines often will display in their search results. Very important, see Promote Your SpaceNode Website
  • Notes These are for your own personal use and are never displayed

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