Promote Your SpaceNode Website

Promote Your SpaceNode Website

Here are a few ideas for attracting more people to your SpaceNode

SpaceNode Networking

Each SpaceNode can join SpaceNode Networks which allows unlimited SpaceNodes to be connected by a particular topic, person or interest group. Some networks will automatically display links to your articles, news and blog posts and others might offer a link back to your website.

In the near future, you will also be able to create your own SpaceNode Networks and invite others to join.

You have to be selective when joining your SpaceNode to a Network to ensure that you don't get accused of link-spamming. To prevent this, please be selective about the networks you join to ensure they are 'on topic'.

When you join a network, a back link to the network hub will appear at the bottom of your SpaceNode.

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Old-School Networking with Other SpaceNodes, Blogs and Websites

Each incoming link to your SpaceNode is another vote from the Internet Community that your site is the best! The more people you can get displaying your link (or displaying your RSS feed) on their site, the quicker the search engines will discover your latest news and articles.

Use the SpaceNode Community section to discover other SpaceNodes that share a similar subject, find the contact form on their site and ask them if they want to network with you. Likewise, if you have another website that can display RSS news feeds, do make sure they are displaying the feed from your SpaceNode.

Link Directories

Listing your SpaceNode in link directories and web directories is good for showing Search Engines that your SpaceNode is well connected in the Internet community. Human visitors may even use link directories to find your SpaceNode.

Here follows a list of Link Directories you can add your site to:

  • - The number one link directory on the Internet. Goto there site, find a category your SpaceNode is suitable for and click the 'submit link' link. Getting into DMOZ is slow, unreliable and often leads to rejection - but it is definitely worth having a go as it will help your search engine traffic
  • - The first SpaceNode friendly link directory on the Internet! You need to put a link back to them from your SpaceNode to be accepted.


SpaceNode has been designed from the ground up to be very attractive to search engines and supports many advanced SEO features.

Each web page on your SpaceNode contains hidden fields that Search Engines use to work out what your information is about and what visitors they should send to you. If you have ever added an article, page or folder to your SpaceNode then you may have seen the following fields:

  • Code (Articles Module) or Page/Folder Name: This controls what the hyperlink or URL to that page or folder is going to be. For example, if you have an Articles Module on your home page and you add an article with the code 'hello_world' then the URL to that page is going to be: The URL to each page needs to be keyword-rich so keep it short and to the point. In the Articles Module, the code is automatically generated for you if you do not enter a value, however this can often contain unnecessary words such as 'is' and 'and'
  • Meta Description: The meta description is a short summary of the article, page or folder and is often used by search engines to display in search engine rankings. Keep this description short, keyword rich and include phrases you think people will search for.
  • Meta Keywords: The meta keywords have gone out of fashion with Search Engines because they were abused. Still, it is good practice to write out the keywords for that page/article/folder separated by a comma just in case it makes the slightest difference between your site beating a competitor in the rankings. eg: "Motorbikes, F800S, BMW F800S, BMW, Motorcycles, Motor Cycles"

Content is King

Search Engines and people love content. By updating your site regularly, the Search Engines will visit more often and you'll appear in listings sooner. Ideas for you include:

  • Setup a blog, news, events listings, link directories, etc using the StaticPage Module or Articles Module.
  • Post on subject that you are interested in as often as you can
  • Keep the subject matter similar else Search Engines will not know what box to your SpaceNode in. Remember, you can always get yourself another SpaceNode to keep your work/hobbies separate.
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