1) Setting Up Your New SpaceNode

1) Setting Up Your New SpaceNode

A three-phase plan for building a gorgeous popular website including information on setting up your SpaceNode, working with your SpaceNode and promoting your SpaceNode...

This three-phase plan takes you through setting up, creating content and promoting your new SpaceNode website.

Phase 1) Setting Up Your SpaceNode

Phase 2) Working With Your SpaceNode

  • Post a New Article Easy-to-follow video tutorial covering how to get a post to show on your SpaceNode. Your first post could be an 'About Me' article, or you could write the "Mission Statement" for your website¬†Video Tutorial
  • Formatting An Article Video tutorial¬†on how to use the SpaceNode inbuilt editor for formatting an article. Topics covered include: creating links, highlighting text, inserting images and playing with smilies. The SpaceNode editor is also used for editing blocks, pages, folders and your homepage¬†Video Tutorial

Phase 3) Promoting Your SpaceNode

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