Upload a "Masthead Banner" image

Upload a "Masthead Banner" image

The "Masthead Banner" image appears at the top of each page on your SpaceNode and is useful for making your site truly unique and building brand identity. A default SpaceNode installation displays the name and subtitle of the SpaceNode until you upload a new masthead banner image. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of uploading an image...

Step 1 - Get Your Image Ready For Upload

The first step is to get yourself a suitable image to upload. You can create one yourself in your favourite graphics program or utilise one of the many online website based alternatives.

Please keep the image as small a file size as possible and always use a compressed image format such as JPEG, PNG or GIF. Any file size bigger than 100KB will take forever to download on low-bandwidth connections and you might lose visitors.

The image dimensions can be as wide as your chosen theme or a standard size is normally about 320 pixels wide.

Note: If you do not wish to create your Masthead Banner Image yourself then a SpaceNode Designer will be happy to create one for a modest fee. PleaseĀ contact support for more info.

Step 2 - Upload Image To Your SpaceNode

Once you have your graphic you wish to upload then you may continue...

  1. Ensure you are logged in (seeĀ How To Login)
  2. In the "Admin Menu" click the "SpaceNode" link
  3. On the "SpaceNode" tab click the "Upload masthead image...' link
  4. The image uploader will pop up allowing you to browse for your image on your computers hard drive
  5. The page will refresh and your masthead banner image will replace the text at the top of each page

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