Use SpaceNode CSS

Use SpaceNode CSS

SpaceNode themes are designed using CSS which means if you use CSS in your articles and pages then when the theme changes, you can be assured that the look & feel of your article or page will also change.

This how-to goes through a few simple CSS instructions you can add to bring your content alive.

Use the inbuilt CSS classes to make your content match your sites Theme.

For example, the following three HTML fragments will place your content in different styles of containers (boxes):

<div class="dc-container">Whatever you want to say here!</div>
Hello, I'm a normal box!
<div class="dc-container dc-highlight">Whatever you want to say here!</div>
Hello, I'm a highlighted box!
<div class="dc-container dc-error">Whatever you want to say here!</div>
Hello, I'm an error box!

    You can also customise tables by using CSS:

    <table class='dc-table dc-container'>

    <tr>  <th class='dc-table-header'>Column One</th>  <th class='dc-table-header'>Column Two</th>  <th class='dc-table-header'>Column Three</th> </tr>

    <tr class='dc-odd'>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Alex</td>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Claire</td>  </tr>

    <tr class='dc-even'>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Silvia</td>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Brian</td>  </tr>

    <tr class='dc-odd'>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Rachel</td>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Josh</td>  </tr>

    <tr class='dc-even'>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Daniel</td>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Hannah</td>  </tr>

    <tr class='dc-odd'>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Gregory</td>  <td class='dc-table-data'>Joanna</td>  </tr>


    Column One Column Two
    Alex Claire
    Silvia Brian
    Rachel Josh
    Daniel Hannah
    Gregory Joanna
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