What is a SpaceNode Network?

What is a SpaceNode Network?

Alex Kent discusses what a SpaceNode Network is and why they are so useful...

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SpaceNode Networks are the equivalent of social networking for websites!

The basic idea is that each SpaceNode webmaster has the ability to join their website to an existing Network or to create their own Network and invite other SpaceNodes to join.

This unique feature of the SpaceNode system allows you to automatically syndicate your content and be listed on other SpaceNode websites. This is fantastic because increasing the links you have coming into your site will also increase the number of visitors.

Webmasters have always been able to contact the owners of other websites and setup a link, but it is unique to SpaceNode to automate the process in just a couple of clicks. The way that SpaceNode has been designed also allows much more than just the trading of links – the data that flows between SpaceNodes can be rich with content such as images and articles.

The benefit to joining your SpaceNode to an existing network is that many will offer something in return. Examples include syndicating your news, blogs and articles on the network owner's website, or for just including a link back to your site.

You may also choose to show support for a SpaceNode Network without receiving anything in return. Say for example, if you wanted to join a "World Peace" Network then you'll be giving them a link to their SpaceNode as a charitable gift without expecting a back-link from their site to yours.

The benefit of creating a SpaceNode Network and inviting others to join is that on the bottom of every page on each website is a link back to your SpaceNode. The more members you have join your network, then the more incoming links your site has and the more people will come visit it.

We are at the beginning of a wonderful journey with this SpaceNode Network Feature and I look forward to announcing another big update in the next couple of weeks.

Alex Kent
May 2010

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