Articles Module

Articles Module

The Articles Module is for storing lists and sub-lists of pages and can be used for displaying any kind of structured content including: News, Blogs, Products, Documentation, FAQs, Downloads & Images.


This page documents general features and concepts of the Articles Module which is a flexible solution for all kinds of structured content including Blogs, Articles, News Lists, Products and Events. For detailed guides to working with the Articles Modules, please see the step-by-step Article Module tutorials.

Top Article How-To-Guides:

Articles Module Supports RSS Feeds

The Articles Module supports generating RSS feeds. Simply append "?output=RSS" to the hyperlink address to the Articles folder, eg:

You can also create an RSS Feed from an article category group:

What Is An Article Group?

Article Groups allows node-owners to display their articles in different places on the their SpaceNodes.

For example, on as of April 2010 there are three Article Groups: 1) Alex Kent News, 2) Alex Kent Blog & 3) Alex Kent DJ MP3 Downloads

It is perfectly possible to have all three sections in one article group, but by separating them out you can put them in different parts of your website and theoretically the search-engines will be able analyse your site better if similar themed content is grouped together.

Article Groups Instructions:

To setup Article Categories on your SpaceNode:

  1. Login
  2. Click on ‘Articles’ in the admin menu
  3. Choose 'Edit Groups' from module menu
  4. From here you can:
    1. Add new Article Groups by entering the details in the blank row at the bottom and then clicking 'Update Groups'
    2. Edit Article Groups by changing the text and then clicking 'Update Groups'
    3. Delete Article Groups by selecting the check-box next to the group and then clicking 'Update Groups'

The Article Groups dialogue popup looks like:

Edit Article Groups

Article Category Instructions:

Article Categories are for separating multiple articles into different topics or logical groups.

For example, if you have an Articles Group called 'Fishing', you could have different categories for 'River Fishing' and 'Sea Fishing'.

To setup Article Categories on your SpaceNode visit the following step-by-step video Video Tutorial tutorial:

Article Category Notes:

  • Each Articles Category generate its own RSS Feed so if you wanted to submit your 'Sea Fishing' feed to a sea fishing website then you can use categories to make sure only the correct articles get syndicated
  • Categories do not display unless you have assigned at least one article to them
  • Links to Article Categories are displayed in the Module Menu block but only whilst you are on that page. To display a permanent block of Article Categories on your website, add an 'Article Categories' block

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