SpaceNode Web Publishing Software

SpaceNode Core Features

  • Create a professional web presence without the need for extra programs, FTP, or html/CSS experience simply through your browser.
  • Create unlimited unique single pages and folders according to your needs right now
  • Easily add new pages, features and folders - all the room you need for future expansion
  • Create unlimited news article folders, which can be used as multiple blogs, for press releases, product news, and updates
  • Generate multiple specific RSS news feeds to carry separate content
  • Link up with other SpaceNodes to gain the all important back links and internet presence
  • Highly unique and infinitely customisable themes, colors and images define YOUR website
  • Massive 1000MB space to serve all your web storage needs for audio, video, pictures and documents
  • Own your own FREE domain name - absolutely essential for any professional web presence!
  • Proper email accounts at including web mail, mobile devices and desktop email programs
  • Update, change and re-design your own web space at any time, in any way YOU want to.

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SpaceNode SEO Features

  • Extremely search engine friendly by design
  • Set meta keywords, meta descriptions, page titles and page URLs precisely and easily
  • Outputs clean html designed for maximum cross browser compatibility
  • Generates a variety of custom RSS feeds to syndicate very specific news on other websites
  • Advanced Web Statistics: Find out what brings visitors to your site and get feedback on your sites performance.

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Universal Accessibility

  • Sites scale easily for easy viewing
  • System guides you to creating image descriptions and hyperlink titles
  • Navigation accessible to text readers

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Search Engine: Introducing SpaceNode Spidey!

  • You and your visitors can now search YOUR site/s elegantly and fast
  • If you have more than one SpaceNode, your own search engine can search all your sites
  • Extremely fast and reliable
  • No need to lose visitors to external search engines or Google

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  • SpaceNode Networks plug YOUR new site immediately into the WWW
  • Join SpaceNode Networks to display YOUR news on other websites
  • Find SpaceNode partners for networking and making your site really come to life

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