Spacenodes - Gorgeous and Accessible!

by Nicola Quinn

Spacenodes - Gorgeous and Accessible!

I just love my new Spacenodes! They are not only gorgeous looking and accessible but they are so easy to add articles and content and make look individual, you can really stamp your own signature on them so they stand out.

BUT a stunning website is no good if no one comes to look at it and that is the real deep down beauty of the Spacenodes, Mr. Google just loves them, the way they are structured and how easy it is to metatag and keyword everything.

He was sending me visitors within the first week and with the eminently useful stats I was able to see for the first time exactly where my visitors were coming from and what people wanted and so set about writing more articles targeted at those exact search terms which then resulted in even more hits, simple really Smile

Though it's always nice to be liked by Google the real shock was finding out that an equal amount of traffic was coming from the other Spacenodes which are starting to build into an incredible network all linked by RSS feeds.

Spacenodes are so flexible too. I've had quite a bit of experience over the years with different types of sites, handmade statics, nuke portals and other content management systems but I've not come across anything as elegant, simple to use, flexible and so easily customisable.

I was showing my latest Spacenode to a friend the other day who has very little experience and has always used template sites so was a bit nervous about swapping and she was blown away at how easy they are to use and how logical everything is and how beautiful the themes are.

They are suitable for the beginner and seasoned campaigner alike. You can have a site up in minutes or spend as long as you like creating something amazing with bells and whistles and all sorts of fandangery to stun your visitors.

Alex Kent has done a masterful job creating this superb system, easy to use, elegant, logical and loved by search engines.

As more people join and create new Spacenodes the variety of topics and interest in the whole network will grow and this I find very exciting, being part of a living, breathing, growing community.

Check out my Spacenodes so far!


Nicola Quinn

Posted Feb 24, 2010 by Nicola Quinn