Thanks to SpaceNode, Life as a Book Reviewer has Never been Sweeter!

by Josh Alliston

Thanks to SpaceNode, Life as a Book Reviewer has Never been Sweeter!

Josh Alliston, owner of book news & reviews site I Wish I Was A Book, looks back on the dark days before SpaceNode:

"Life before SpaceNode was... difficult, to say the least. I would add a review to my free blog, make it look nice & pretty, and then sit staring at the screen hoping beyond hope that people were visiting the site, never actually knowing if I'd had a single person read my review."

Read on for more details on how I Wish I Was A Book has been massively improved thanks to SpaceNode...

As for google results, even searching for I Wish I Was A Book came back with weak standings for my site. What was I to do?!

Thankfully, I no longer need to worry about such things, because SpaceNode has made it all so simple. If I want to see how many people have read my article, there is a clear and precise counter system; if I want to know how people are finding my sight I just look on the brilliant stats page; and as for google? I'm pleased to say that I am now on page 1 of many search results, and top of the page on one in particular (even beating the mighty Amazon!).

On a final note, thanks to the professional look of my website, I'm very happy to say that I Wish I Was A Book will soon be receiving our first shipment of books for review from a major Publishing house... Does that make me an official reviewer?!

I'm so pleased with my new SpaceNode. Life as a book reviewer / blogger has never been sweeter!

Josh Alliston

Posted Sep 13, 2010 by Josh Alliston