MindMillion - From Mess To Magic Thanks To SpaceNode!

by Silvia Hartmann

MindMillion - From Mess To Magic Thanks To SpaceNode!

My old MindMillion website was a mess and so difficult to update, I'd given up on it. I was ashamed of it, to be honest.

Now it's a brand new, golden sparkling SpaceNode and I've got loads of new ideas what to do with it next!

  • Don't let your old website get you down ... as mine did!

In 2004 I wrote a book called MindMillion and got involved in wealth creation and prosperity personal development, with a focus on energy, mind change and inspiration. I made a website for it, but oh! what a mess that was.

Part PHP Nuke, part html, part random includes, weird javascripts, subwebs, static pages, images all over the place, a real nightmare to try and update and it looked messy too.

That really made me not want to promote the site or do much with it; I guess I was a bit ashamed of it, to be truthful.

And now, it's a brand new SpaceNode!

And MindMillion totally DESERVES this, it's so important for people who are trying to find their financial freedom to stay energized, keep focuses, keep their eye on the ball. I know!

It was really inspiring working on the site and having finally everything in one place, tidy, working together, all the links working (wow!) and it was easy to do.

I loved it!

Now, I'm proud of the site and it has inspired me to put the free Mind Over Money course back online too.

Lots of people are now going to benefit from the added energy that MindMillion now has.

Plus I got lots of new ideas whilst I was updating the articles as well for MindMillion's future, so I'm more than pleased, I can tell you.

Webwork should be about showcasing what you're about, what you do, what your contribution is, not tearing your hair out and struggling all day with your website!

MindMillion is a gogo again :-) - thank you SpaceNode!

Silvia Hartmann

Proud owner once again of http://MindMillion.com

PS - Sign up to the Mind Over Money course! Even if you're rolling in it already, you'll enjoy it, I promise :-) and of course, there's always room for MORE money

Posted Jul 15, 2010 by Silvia Hartmann