My Poem Got Published - Thanks to SpaceNode!

My Poem Got Published - Thanks to SpaceNode!

I was tickled pink to be asked permission for one of my poems to be used as an example in two forthcoming textbooks for GSCE level English language & literature - and this only happened because I put my poems on a SpaceNode!

For years and years, I've put my poems online in a subweb on my main static website - and nobody found them, and nobody read them.

Indeed, what happened was that I was looking for one of my poems myself - and couldn't find it on Google at all! Even though I put in the whole first line in inverted commas. Duh!

That was the day I decided enough is enough and got a SpaceNode for my poetry -

This hasn't even been online for a year yet, but some of my poems have already had 3,000 people read them, and altogether, I've had 100,000 hits already!

Finally, my poems are getting read.

And I am really honoured that my poem, I Am The Wind, was chosen to represent personification poems to young students of English language and literature.

If I hadn't had my poetry SpaceNode, that would NOT have happened.

So thank you SpaceNode - you've made my day :-)))

A very happy poet!

Posted Oct 22, 2010