Case Study: Page 1 of Google In Less Than a Month!

Case Study: Page 1 of Google In Less Than a Month!

Sandra Hillawi, owner of is very pleased with her brand new SpaceNode: "I have to tell you some good news - for my keywords 'healing retreats' I am on page 1 of Google already. Wow! Amazing Indeed!"

Read on for information on how Sandra Hillawi used her SpaceNode to enable her healing retreats website to rank so well on the world wide web.

After praising the marketing tool "Market Samurai", Sandra Hillawi then went on to say:

"My second ingredient in this powerful combination, is a most excellent exciting and new website generation and content management system called SpaceNode.

The creator of this is an amazing technical wizard, expert in SEO, and the tools are designed that as you build your site, filling in the various descriptions and headings and key words, using your keywords that you have analyzed with Market Samurai, it creates a site which is optimized to be found by google and therefore bring you traffic.

Furthermore, all spacenodes are in lots of different networks. So you can plug into these networks easily and have instant backlinks. So your website is not an island on its own in the big internet world.

And so…now I have lots of work to do, to continue building the content of my new healing retreats, weight loss retreats and detox retreats website."

The SpaceNode team are pleased that Sandra Hillawi, a world-class trainer and lecturer has discovered how to use her new website to compete on the world-wide-web.

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Posted Jun 28, 2010