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SpaceNode and The Genius Symbols

by Alex Kent

SpaceNode and The Genius Symbols

SpaceNode Managing Director Alex Kent speaks about the vision he had for SpaceNode and invites new people to come setup their own websites.

In the late Summer of 2008, DragonRising Publishing had just launched Dr Hartmann’s The Genius Symbols which was a book that promised not to just open a connection to your unconscious mind but also to be able to ask it direct questions and receive direct answers.

Being that solution visualisations are often associated with genius thinking, I decided to give the technique a go to generate new business ideas after having had success with the beginner exercises. Many people use the symbols for storytelling or even fortune telling – but I was after ideas to generate or increase income.

So, with an open mind I sat down with the symbols and interacted with them as was explained in the book and after just a few minutes I found myself completely immersed in a vision where I was standing on a little moon.

The place was cold, dark and there was no plants or animals here – just rocks and craters.

So I walked around the moon for a bit, when I came to realise that out in the sky above there were countless hundreds, thousands or millions of other moons that each contain just one or two people. And their moons were just the same as mine – lifeless.

But then I asked, how can we evolve this situation. And all of a sudden I was startled when saw a beam of light going between two of the moons in the sky above. And then I noticed more and more beams of light connecting the dot-like-moons until each one of them was sending this energy backwards and forwards, until the sky was illuminated with the brightness.

As this was happening, I noticed that vegetation started to appear – not just on my moon, but on all the moons. Vegetation was followed by flowers, trees and animals until each moon was bursting with life.
Needless to say, the human inhabitants of each moon looked a million-times more happy!

So – I immediately knew what this represented back here in the real world and what I could do about it.

A great travesty on the internet is that when you get to the stage of wanting a website, that you may pay someone hundreds or thousands of pounds to make one for you, or you might spend hours creating your own. But all that is just like someone dropping you off on a moon, taking your money or your time and then leaving you standing there thinking “What now and when will someone come and visit?”

It is not long after, that disappointment sets in.

You see few people have visited (and the ones that have visited are probably you anyway), you feel ashamed for not having added any content in ages and get distraught when the information goes out of date.

Yet this is because you are on your own moon, which is ironic when you think of how the original idea of the Internet was meant to connect sites together.

So – I came up with the concept of SpaceNode which allows anyone to create and setup beautiful websites as easily as they would buy a loaf of bread. These sites are simple to use for beginners, yet can be as customised as any budding or professional web developers might like to do. Each one connects seamlessly with the others allowing you to create community group websites or just to share content.

Of course if you want to be a hermit on your own moon then SpaceNode is flexible enough to allow you to do this and SpaceNode will still send traffic your way.

Selling websites as a service so that you don’t have to restart a server or call up your ISP is not a new concept but is a great idea so you can concentrate on creating content or selling products! 

What is revolutionary is that SpaceNodes takes back your hard worked content from the big websites like Facebook, Flickr, MySpace and Youtube – and allows you to host it on your own site and still have people come view to view it.

Over the past 18 months we have been working tirelessly to get SpaceNode in the hands of all the people that could do with an easy to use website that not only looks great but also bring them loads of new visitors and customers.

To test out the software we have converted some major sites,, and who have between them over 15,000 pages of content. Each one of them has seen visitor numbers and pages-per-visit go up dramatically. I’ve also converted my which has inspired me to go out and road-test motorbikes!

And on Monday of last week – we were finally ready to launch SpaceNode 1.0 beta and invite new people looking for a website to come and give the software a go and tell us what you think.

These are websites you can build cathedrals with or just display a business card. It’s your site, so you can do with it what you like (decency rules prevailing). If you got a professional to design you a site that has some of the features of a disconnected Hermit SpaceNode then you’ll be looking at investing between £600.00 to probably about £2,000.00. Yet with SpaceNodes you get more because of the community. No SpaceNode will ever be alone!

To make SpaceNodes even more competitive, the normal price is going to be under £60.00 / year (~$96.00).

But since this is new software and we want you to sign up immediately we have slashed this price down for you to an introductory rate of £39.99 (~$64.00). This includes your domain name (that you can use our signup form to choose), space to store your images/downloads and a years worth of hosting.

If you want your own professional email addresses ( then these are only £0.99/month/account and come with some great features of their own.

If you have £39.99 to spend on a years worth of fun, or if you could take it out of your advertising budget or if you could sell a product or service in a year on your site to justify that kind of expense then do signup today!

You can also use the above page if you are just curious about what domain names are available if you did decide to buy a website!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Best wishes,

Alex Kent



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