SpaceNode June 2010 Newsletter

SpaceNode June 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2010 edition of the SpaceNode Newsletter which goes out to all SpaceNode owners. It has been a busy time for us as the stampede for new websites towards the end of last month means that we now have almost one hundred online!

In this issue:

  • Get A Second SpaceNode For £39.99/year
  • New Feature: Countdown Block Plugin
  • New Feature: Fading Block Template
  • SpaceNode Migrations including!
  • SpaceNode Tutorial Videos
Get A Second SpaceNode For £39.99/year

On 1st June the price of a SpaceNode went up from £39.99/year to £59.99/year after the introductory period came to a close. However, because our users need more support setting up their first website than any other, for a limited time we are keeping the old price of £39.99/year for anyone who already owns a SpaceNode.

To find out the name of your new website, please use the domain name picker on the registration page. Instead of completing the order online, email your domain name to support team alongside any extras and we'll email you an invoice at the reduced rates.

New Feature: Countdown Block Plugin

SpaceNode owners now have access to a new Block Plugin for counting up/down to a certain date or time. The time can be a specified date, a relative date (eg: +20 seconds) or by default takes the current date. When counting down, you can specify an URL that the user is sent to when the counter reaches zero.

Uses include:

  • Counting down to a certain event.

Eg1: End of Early Bird EFT Conference Tickets – - block is on Page Left underneath conference advert and counts down till "1 July 2010 00:00:00"

Eg2: Start of the EFT Conference – - block is on Page Right and counts down till "13 Nov 2010 09:00:00"

  • Counting up from an event in the past.

Eg3: Showing how long The GoE has been online - – block is on Page Right at the top and counts up from "2 Dec 1998 00:00:00"

You can also use a certain time on a page before being directed elsewhere, which creates interesting possibilities for you such as allowing the user 20 seconds to take advantage of your special offer and letting the user view a page free-of-charge for a limited time before sending them to a sales page.

There are certain caveats when using this block plugin:

1) The timer uses the visitors date and time as given by their own browser. This means that time zones aren't accounted for. For example, if you end a sale at exactly 9:00:00 GMT (+0) then you need to make allowances upto +/- 12 hours depending where round the world the visitor is viewing your page.

2) The timer uses javascript which some people disable in their browser

New Feature: Fading Block Template

The "sliding block template" was such a success that we have now created a "fading block template". Because of restrictions in how HTML and javascript works, each content item needs to be no more than 200 pixels high otherwise it will overlap the content beneath it.

SpaceNode Migrations including!

Ever since the massive success of turning the popular website into a SpaceNode, the admin team have been on the lookout for more sites looking to make the leap.

Thanks to our discount last month, we've had a nice flurry of existing sites moving to us, including:

To learn how easy it is to convert your old websites to becoming SpaceNodes, please visit:

SpaceNode Tutorial Videos

Thanks so much to Nicola Quinn for putting together a massive collection of online SpaceNode Tutorial Videos. Pretty much all SpaceNode topics are now covered and should help you get the most out of your new website!


Thanks to all SpaceNode owners for helping us change the internet for the better, one website at a time!

We welcome your suggestions to make SpaceNode an even better website creation tool, so if you have any suggestions please do get in contact.

On a personal note, I'm off marrying my fiancé next week so please use the SpaceNode contact forms instead of emailing me direct so another member of the team may respond to your enquiry:

Best wishes,

Alex Kent
Chief Developer

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Posted Jun 19, 2010