SpaceNode May 2010 Newsletter

SpaceNode May 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the May 2010 SpaceNode Newsletter in which we discuss the end of the introductory period, SpaceNode Networks, SpaceNode Merged Feed, new sliding blocks, useful webmail file storage feature and also welcome the high-traffic site

Dear Noder,

Welcome to the May 2010 edition of the SpaceNode newsletter which goes out to all SpaceNode owners.

Since launching in February 2010, SpaceNode has gone from strength-to-strength and three months on it is wonderful to see all your new websites online.

As well as some exciting new features this month, we are also happy to announce that from the 1st June, SpaceNode will move out of the "beta-testing" phase so thanks as always for your feedback provided.

End of Introductory Period

I'm pleased to say that SpaceNode has really proved itself these past few months as an easy to use system that produces gorgeous websites.

When SpaceNode went on sale in February, it was launched at an introductory price of £39.99/year because we were still adding features. Now that the system is fully up & running we have decided to bring this introductory price to an end. Therefore from 1st June the price is going up to £59.99/year so please signup as many websites as you like to benefit from the old price.

Note: If you have purchased a SpaceNode before June 1st 2010 then your renewal rate next year will be fixed at the £39.99 rate.

Merged Feed – One Feed to Rule Them All

Content feeds allow you to network your SpaceNode with other websites and blogs, so that links to your news and articles can stay up-to-date on other websites. The more people that link to your articles, the more people will view them and your website will become more popular.

But there is a problem. What do you do if you've got a couple of SpaceNodes, websites or blogs and you haven't got enough room to display separate feeds from each?

To solve this, your SpaceNode now comes with a 'merged feed' where you can specify all your feeds from all your SpaceNodes and other websites. The software then merges them together for you into one feed you can use to represent all you activities.

To edit your feeds choose the 'Feeds' tab on the SpaceNode admin panel.

The combined feed URL is:

Your SpaceNode feed URL will be exactly the same, just substitute "" with your websites domain name.

SpaceNode Networks

SpaceNode websites, along with being gorgeous and easy to use, also offer advanced networking features that allow them to link in with other SpaceNodes. By joining your SpaceNode Website to a SpaceNode Network you increase the exposure of your website and articles, ultimately meaning you will receive more visitors.

The SpaceNode Networks you join may be topic related (eg: EFT Network, Hypnotherapy Network, etc) or they may be personal to a SpaceNode Website owner (eg: Alex Kent's Buddies).

Examples: (Members of SpaceNode Websites) (Members of Alex Kent's Buddies) (Members of I Love Daffodils)

This is a totally unique feature to SpaceNode and is currently being reviewed and tested before we flip the switch to let SpaceNode owners to make their own networks. We will also be introducing a moderation system, so network owners can keep control over who joins their network.

To join/leave a network:

1) Login

2) Click on 'SpaceNode' -> 'Networks' -> 'Available Networks'

3) Click the 'Join' button on Networks you would like to join, and the 'Leave' button on Networks you would like to leave.

We've put more information about SpaceNode Networks in the docs how-to section:

New Feature: Sliding Blocks

You may have seen whilst browsing other SpaceNodes that many people have already discovered our brand-new "Sliding Block" feature. This animation takes one item from a list of items and then slides it from right-to-left.

This is a useful way of displaying lots of information (good for search engines) whilst not taking up so much screen real estate. It also looks cool!


How To Use:

You can apply the 'Slide' block template to many blocks that use the plugins: RSS Feeds, Articles & MagicMenu.

On the block settings page, change the 'Block Template' field to 'Slide'.

SpaceNode How-To Step-By-Step Guides

SpaceNode support often gets similar questions come up, such as:

To answer these and more, we've added a popular 'how-to' section to our documentation:

These step-by-step guides are often accompanied by screen-shots to make them easy to follow.

If you have any suggestions for future how-to guides then please get in touch.

New Webmail File Storage Feature

Webmail users can now use their 2GB file storage space for storing files. Three situations this is useful are:

1) Sending large files by email (normally 10MB+) will often be rejected by the recipients email software. Instead, you can upload your file/s (upto 50MB each) via your webmail panel, make them public and then email the public link to the recipient. They will then download the file/s direct from you bypassing their email software.

2) If you are travelling and need a place to store a file whilst on the move then you can upload it via your webmail and then access it via any web browser on the world wide web.

3) You can use the secure storage for backing up important files so if your computer dies (or is stolen) then you'll have the files backed up via webmail.

Using file storage is simple. Login to webmail and you'll see the 'File Storage' option in settings.

Note: Nodeowners also have access to their UserNode filespace area which is more appropriate for storing public downloads you are linking to from your SpaceNode.

SpaceNode Welcomes

SpaceNode is pleased to announce that the high-traffic website has said goodbye to their old internet provider in favour of making the site a SpaceNode. There reasoning was that SpaceNode makes it very easy to handle big content rich sites and they also liked how quickly pages load especially in the admin panel.

MSAP is massively popular with the search engines, with reports that last month Google alone delivered 100,000 visitors and the articles attracted approx 600,000 pages views.

Our team has been working for weeks on the conversion to ensure that each page was transferred correctly. The new SpaceNode finally went live this Monday and it was an exciting switchover for our engineers and technicians because this site is almost as popular as every other SpaceNode website combined.

To ensure stability and responsiveness of all SpaceNodes with this behemoth online, we ran tests before and after the switchover and there was not even a negligible sign of difference.

You can visit the new here:

As always, please do send in your feedback so we can make SpaceNode even better!

With best wishes,

Alex Kent

Posted May 13, 2010