SpaceNode May 2010 Newsletter (Update)

SpaceNode May 2010 Newsletter (Update)

With our big SpaceNode re-launch happening on Tuesday, 1st June we have been super busy getting all the documentation and how-to guides ready. These items really couldn't wait till next months newsletter: SpaceNode Online Video Tutorials, SpaceNode Documentation, Evolve An Old Website or Domain Name Into A SpaceNode, SpaceNode Welcomes, SpaceNode Welcomes, SpaceNode File-Space Upgrade and SpaceNode Networks

We have also been busy setting up a wave of new SpaceNodes who heard about the scheduled price increase. If you've recommended us to a friend then we are very grateful – there is nowt like mouth-to-mouth endorsements.

These items really couldn't wait till next months newsletter:

  • SpaceNode Online Video Tutorials
  • SpaceNode Documentation
  • Evolve An Old Website or Domain Name Into A SpaceNode
  • SpaceNode Welcomes
  • SpaceNode Welcomes
  • SpaceNode File-Space Upgrade
  • SpaceNode Networks

SpaceNode Online Video Tutorials

Nicola Quinn has kindly begun recording a series of short online video tutorials on how to use the basic features of a SpaceNode. Topic covered so far include "how to login" and "how to setup your article categories".

These are exceptionally easy to follow and are available here:

Note: To be alerted to new online video tutorials as they are uploaded then you can always setup a block and subscribe to the RSS feed:

SpaceNode Documentation

We understand that by us making SpaceNodes flexible and highly customisable that some beginners might be put off by all the possibilities that these clever websites make available.

To get round the learning-curve we have recently published many comprehensive guides for teaching you how to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

For example, if you are a little daunted on how to setup your SpaceNode then please visit this article here:

Note: If you want to be completely up-to-date with SpaceNode step-by-step how-to guides then you can always add this RSS feed to a SpaceNode block, SpaceNode webmail or other RSS readers:

Evolve An Old Website or Domain Name Into A SpaceNode

If you purchased a website or domain name before February 2010 then it is unlikely that you've benefited from it being a SpaceNode!

However all is not lost - you can transfer your old website or domain name to become a feature-packed SpaceNode with the minimum of fuss. You can even keep your email addresses.

For more details visit:

SpaceNode Welcomes

SpaceNode welcomes the popular anti-stress website to our network. Alongside the custom theme, we have also converted each one of the 40 articles and categories to the new site

We are particularly proud that we have kept all the links the same from the old website, meaning that search engines continue to send people to pages that still exist! The switchover was done within a matter of hours, without visitors being aware of what was going on in the background.

Note: What helps you de-stress? The StressFish is on the lookout for new articles and reviews for the site – please contact for more info.

SpaceNode Welcomes

Silvia Hartmann's Aromatherapy Blog has been converted from a Word Press Blog into a SpaceNode.

Hartmann said: "I was sick to death of the WordPress blog getting like 6 visitors per day and I just know as a SpaceNode it can do at least 10 times that within the first month!"

SpaceNode File-Space Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that from 1st June 2010 we are upgrading all SpaceNode accounts so that your UserNode download storage space will been increased from 500MB to 1,000MB (~1GB).

Your file space is for storing downloads, images, static HTML files and any other content you want to be made available online. For more information on your UserNode file storage space:

SpaceNode Networks

There has been a lot of excitement about the new SpaceNode networks feature that we are currently testing which allows us to network our websites together to join topical or related interest groups.

At the moment, you can join the existing networks but from 1st June we will give you access to create your own networks. We still need to add a moderation system as it's a bit of a free-for-all at the moment.

If you own two or more SpaceNodes then I'd be happy to set you up a SpaceNode Network to link together your sites. Contact us if you would like a network to play with.

Still wondering what a SpaceNode network is or how they can be used?

A big thank you to all our users – your feedback these past couple of months has been invaluable whilst we fine tune and extend the system.

We've now got 80 SpaceNode websites online and look forward to setting up the inevitable rush of new registrations we'll receive as we approach the end of the month!

Best wishes,

Alex Kent
Chief Developer

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Posted May 21, 2010