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SpaceNode September 2010 Newsletter

SpaceNode September 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2010 edition of the SpaceNode newsletter which goes out to all SpaceNode owners.


In this issue:

  • SpaceNode 6.0 Development – Latest News
  • Article Images Dos and Don’ts by Silvia Hartmann
  • Josh Alliston Becomes Official Book Reviewer Thanks to SpaceNode!
  • SpaceNode – Making Life More Interesting!



** SpaceNode 6.0 Development – Latest News

As announced last month, the development team behind SpaceNode are currently busy preparing a massive update to the software which runs your websites.

Alongside all the new features to do with mailing lists and subscribers announced last month, we are presently working on:


  • You and your visitors will be able to login to your SpaceNode website using your normal SpaceNode Account as well as using a number of other logins already held including Facebook, Google, AOL and OpenID. This should dramatically increase the number of visitors participating on your site.
  • Tabbed Navigation. Your visitors will be able to easily navigate to the major sections of your website by clicking the appropriate tab.
  • Articles Application 2.0. We are going to massively simplify how the Articles Application works, so beginners only see the basic options when posting a new article, whilst experts can still access all the advanced SEO features which makes SpaceNodes do so well in search-engine listings.

We are currently aiming to have a beta-ready version of the new software complete by 13th November in time for the European EFT & EP Conference.


** Article Images Dos and Don’ts by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann has uploaded her guide that is a must-read for all SpaceNoders to make sure you are doing right by your images!

You can read the full article online here:


** Josh Alliston Becomes Official Book Reviewer Thanks to SpaceNode!

When you have a website that is getting a reasonable number of hits on a particular subject, then you are immediately taken more seriously by that subjects industry.

Reader Josh Alliston who enjoys reviewing books for his SpaceNode has now become an ‘Official Reviewer’ after a major Sci-Fi publisher sent him his first shipment of review copies.

Josh is also very pleased at the dramatic increase in visitors to his reviews since he left his blog account well behind and joined SpaceNode.

You can read the full-story online here:


** SpaceNode – Making Life More Interesting!

Having a website that does well by the search-engines opens up certain doors that make life just that little bit more interesting!

Personally, my own SpaceNode ( has meant that my reviews of BMW motorbikes have attracted thousands of people to my site, thus making me always get better treatment when I take my own bike in for a service.


Thanks for being a SpaceNode customer. If you have any comments, questions or want to write a SpaceNode review then please do get in touch.



Alex Kent

Chief Developer

Posted Sep 21, 2010