SpaceNode Top Web Site Award

SpaceNode Top Web Site Award

Announcing the SpaceNode Top Website Award for outstanding SpaceNodes.

What makes a great SpaceNode worthy of the SpaceNode Top Web Site Award?

There is ...


  • Great content - the heart and soul of every successful SpaceNode - of course.
  • Intelligent use of the amazing features of SpaceNode - there is so much that can be done with blocks, articles groups and static pages.
  • Great design - a stunning personalised theme to make a SpaceNode stand out.
  • Great robots VS humans balance - good SEO on the one hand, and information presented for the human visitors in a logical way.


Most of all, a great SpaceNode is a SpaceNode that is clearly loved by its owner/s.

It is kept up to date and has personal touches that make the SpaceNode truly unique in style, feel and character.

The SpaceNode Top Web Site Award goes to the best SpaceNodes online.

Contact us if you want to apply for the award for your Spacenode.


SpaceNode Award

SpaceNode Top Web Site Award: Roll Of Honour

Posted Jul 18, 2011