SpaceNodes Make Updating My Websites A Joy!

by Nicola Quinn

SpaceNodes Make Updating My Websites A Joy!

Nicola Quinn, co-developer of EMO and author of "Life Without Panic Attacks" is very pleased with her SpaceNode saying that she appreciates how quick and easy it is to make updates and changes thus increasing productivity.

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Nicola Quinn writes:

SpaceNodes Make Updating My Websites A Joy!

It used to be really annoying spotting an error on my site, the odd spelling mistake which is inevitable, or a comma out of place, or missing even. And I used to sigh and dread making changes because it was so involved and took so much time to get to the right place to correct the errors or even update an article and make it fresh for our old friend Google which it likes so much (and re-indexes the page when you change anything in an article, which is so cool  Cool).

Now with SpaceNode it's literally 2 quick clicks, logging in, then clicking edit on the article, and there it all is to make the tiniest change with hardly any effort at all.

Life is way too short to spend any more time than is totally necessary updating websites and with SpaceNodes it's now not only simple and quick but a joy to keep my websites fresh and up to date, thus eminently Google friendly.

Thank you SpaceNodes and thank you Alex Kent for creating them!

Nicola Quinn


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Posted Jul 13, 2010 by Nicola Quinn