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Welcome to the signup form for your brand new SpaceNode Website!

The price per website is £59.99/year and you can upgrade to additional domain names or professional (eg: email addresses.

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 Website Names

Your SpaceNode comes with one free domain name and additional domains cost £12.99/year.

Some people prefer to buy more than one (such as,, or as a way to ensure that someone else does not setup a similar names site to yours.

Please double-click on the text area below to open up our domain name search tool so you can choose your domains. We will choose the top one to be your primary domain name.

If you already have your own domain name that you would like to use then please contact support.

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 Email Addresses

You can have any number of email addresses you like using the domain names you have selected above. These can be either a real email address (£0.99/month) or be a forwarder to another email address (£0.29/month).

Each real email account comes with 2GB storage, webmail (like hotmail, yahoomail, gmail, etc) and can also be accessed by normal desktop email programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook Express (via the POP3 / IMAP protocol).

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 Module Upgrades

Optional: Your SpaceNode will come equipped with everything you need to get started including a selection of themes to choose from. If you are after extra functionality then you can upgrade your site with the following available modules:

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Whilst we provide many beautiful themes for your SpaceNode if you want to create a design that is truly unique then the Theme Creator lets you upload background images, use different layouts, change fonts and colour schemes. We rent the Theme Creator for £19.99/year and you can use it to make themes for all your SpaceNodes. Note: After a year, if you do not choose to renew then you'll still have access to all themes created.

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Discover detailed statistical information about your SpaceNode, including how many people are visiting and which pages are popular (per day/month/year), how did they find their way to your SpaceNode, what people are typing in to search engines and many other useful statistics for improving your SEO - Included FREE with your SpaceNode (worth £0.99/month)

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This module can either redirect visitors from your SpaceNode to anywhere on the web, or it can proxy (suck out) content from anywhere on the web into your SpaceNode - £0.99/month
 Extra Work

Optional: If you have agreed extra work at a fixed price with a SpaceNode developer or designer then you may add this onto your bill here:

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eg: 19.95

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