Terms and Conditions

Version: 0.02 / 15th February 2010


  • Content – Images, Text and other Files on your SpaceNode. Examples includes but is not limited to: Articles, Text, User Posts, Images, Photos, Icons, Videos, Downloads, Files, etc
  • SpaceNode – Your website
  • SpaceNode Customer Services – The nice people at SpaceNode head-office who answer your account, support and billing questions.
  • SpaceNode Network – The hardware, software, SpaceNodes, users and user content.

Registering For A New SpaceNode

The SpaceNode network is currently in a testing phase. This means that SpaceNode staff will review each application to become a "SpaceNode Beta Tester" by hand to ensure that as the network of websites expands that we do not compromise existing SpaceNodes by growing too quickly.

Because of this manual check, it may take up to 3 working days to install your SpaceNode and register your domain name(s). If in this time, your selected domain name has been registered by someone else then we will offer you an alternative domain name or a complete refund.

Personal Responsibility

SpaceNode Password

  • You are responsible for keeping your username & password safe and secure as it provides access to your SpaceNode account.
  • You must not choose a password that is the same as what you use on other websites or computer systems so that if one account is compromised then the other one remains uncompromised.
  • You must also choose a password that is not easily guessed, ideally containing a mixture of numbers and letters (both UPPERCASE and lowercase).

Content & Copyright

You are solely responsible for all the content on your SpaceNode.

If you are not the copyright holder then you must get permission from the copyright holder before uploading the content to your SpaceNode. If SpaceNode Customer Services receives a complaint from a reported copyright owner then the offending item will be immediately removed from public display pending agreement between you and them.


You are responsible for upholding a friendly, sociable atmosphere on the SpaceNode network.

Please do not upload any content that is illegal, offensive, promotes hate or encourages acts of terrorism.

If SpaceNode Customer Services receives a complaint about your content then we reserve the right to either: 1) disable the offending content from public view, 2) disable the offending SpaceNode from public view, or in extreme breeches, 3) terminate your contract and disable your SpaceNode immediately.

In such cases you will be given the opportunity to respond after the above action was taken, however the judgement made by SpaceNode Customer Services is final.


All user content uploaded to the SpaceNode network is periodically backed up so that we may restore the SpaceNode Network in case of a failure. Because of the time-lag between you uploading your files and us taking the backup we do not guarantee that your latest content has been included. It is therefore important that whenever you upload content to your SpaceNode, you must also keep a local copy on your computer and back that up regularly.

The backups we take are for us to keep the SpaceNode Network operational. If, for example, you have accidentally deleted content and you ask SpaceNode Customer Services to restore/retrieve it from our backups then you may be charged for the time they spend looking for it.


Due to the nature and complexity of the Internet and the SpaceNode network, we cannot guarantee that your SpaceNode will be available 100% of the time to all users on the Internet. Whilst we take every care to avoid downtime there may be reasons why your SpaceNode is temporarily unavailable. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Network Outages – the connection between your users and your SpaceNode
  • Hardware Faults – problems with the server hardware itself which may need rebooting, fixing or replacing
  • Software Updates – most software updates happen without anyone being the wiser, but from time to time we need to install large updates which temporarily disable the SpaceNode network. The upside of this is that these often contain new features, bug fixes or security updates.


Where possible (except in an emergency) we will notify you by email prior to any scheduled work being carried out.